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Workplace Wellbeing

Emotional and physical wellbeing in the workplace is becoming increasingly important for employers and employees alike. Therapies like seated acupressure massage and reflexology are simple and effective ways to relieve mental and bodily stress, supporting employee wellbeing, productivity and job satisfaction.

For Employees

Workplace treatments like seated massage and reflexology come with wide-ranging benefits for employees, from reducing stress and anxiety levels to treating and preventing long-term, desk-based problems like repetitive strain injury. Treatments are reported to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Concentration & Energy
  • Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Relieve Muscle Tension
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Lower Blood Pressure

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Helen has been visiting our Society for over 5 years now, providing our employees with beneficial on-site acupressure massage and reflexology treatments. We look forward to Helen's regular visits, and the treatments are targeted to symptoms commonly experienced by those in desk-based jobs, leaving us feeling relaxed, energised and motivated.

Angela Kos, Finance Director at Chorley Building Society

For Employers

In investing in the mental and physical health of their employees, employers are investing in the ongoing health of their business. By reducing stress and boosting energy levels, workplace treatments don’t only increase productivity; they also ensure employees feel supported and valued at work. This in turn helps to:

  • Boost Workplace Morale
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Retention
  • Attract New Employees

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Made for the Workplace

Neither seated acupressure massage or reflexology need employees to remove clothes (apart from socks!), which make the treatments perfectly suited to the work environment.

Flexible treatment slots also mean that sessions can last between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on workplace diaries and your needs as an employer. And because the sessions are all on-site, you can have regular treatments which bring as much, if not more, benefit than an away day, at a lower cost.

These therapies also work well as part of workplace health and wellbeing events.

Get in touch to book a trial session.

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Helen has been treating me for a number of years to alleviate muscle tightness in the back and shoulders resulting from a sedentary office-based job. Making an appointment to see a qualified therapist outside work hours can be problematic. Fortunately, as a mobile therapist, Helen can negotiate treatment times at my place of work - ideal for me!

Keith Barron, Mortgage Advisor at Chorley Building Society

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